Friday, 4 September 2009

The boys are back.......

....from setting out the off road route and are suprisingly clean. I'd opted for a day of "admin" which means sitting in front of a computer in a Travelodge for the day, glamourous.

The good news is that the tracks are in realtively good condition, and as the sky is blue, I can't see them getting any worse before tomorrow.

Oh, and those on the long route go past Keiths old house and along the disused railway track where he used to throw water bombs at old ladies!!!

GPX routes are all correct.

Remember - if you're having problems with loading routes to your GPS, run them through



muppix said... comes up as a parked domain - what's supposed to be there?

Mark said...

Dean should have said, it's a website that allows you to create courses from gpx files, it's useful for getting our routes onto Garmin gps computers

muppix said...

Gotcha - looks neat. I normally use a mixture between MemoryMap and Garmin's MapSource, then check the routes in Google Earth. Nothing beats riding it for real though. ;o)