Thursday, 3 September 2009

To drive or not to drive....

Sitting in the van at midday today and a big decision had to be made. The drive to the start of my section of route marking was a bit hairy, being blown about and rained on most of the way. Sitting in the warm cab in a T-shirt, the temptation to drive the 25mile loop was great. However, I was pretty high up and the sun had come out, so I thought I'd best get on with it. Within minutes I'd gone through putting on a windstopper to full Gore-tex, before climbing out of the Van and on to the bike!

For those who weren't aware, the North East had a Severe Weather Warning today. My route was basically a square, so I spent the first section riding downhill into the wind, which was a bit scary. Then into a valley, past Bolton Abbey, and out of the worst of it. Next was the best bit, the big climb of the day, with a following wind! There's nothing like the feeling of cycling uphill in top gear across the Yorkshire Moors. Then back to the van, downhill with a side wind, top gear still with the front wheel twitching in the gusts.

This weekend is forecast to be pretty good so you'll get to ride the route in some decent weather, which should make it an enjoyable day out. The roads are in good condition and the the scenery is stunning. It's pretty hilly and with the unpredictability of the British weather, we've cut back the mileage ( the Long route is 73miles but comes in at 7100ft of climbing )

Some places you'll pass on your way:-
Dangerous Corner (actually a cross roads)
Mucky Park
Duck Street
Catherine or Katie White's Allotments

We'll let you know about the Off road ride tomorrow.



jacster said...

Did the medium route and really enjoyed it. One very tough climb but was worth it for the descent! Great countryside, really well signposted and pretty clear of traffic for most of the route.