Thursday, 19 November 2009

I'm a lumberjack......

Reading has come and gone in a whirlwind of rain and gales. Thanks to every one who turned up and rode despite some pretty miserable weather. I don't think we've had so much Gore clothing borrowed and returned in a wet, muddy state! I also appreciate the care with which you drove in the field. Finding venues is easy. Finding venues that can take over a hundred cars is slightly more problematic. When I found this one with a firm surfaced field next to it, I was pretty happy. The only problem would be if it rained for a week beforehand....... Still, we managed to get everyone on and off with no dramas, with low slung sports cars and vans in the official carpark or across the road.

During Saturday there was a period of high winds that blew down a tree across the bridleway after the steps, meaning a slight detour for you all. Unfortunately this was also on the night ride and would have caused a problem for those venturing out in the dark. So as part of the night pre-check, a saw was blagged and some serious, frantic pruning ensued, leaving just one easily stepped over trunk that was highlighted with reflective signs.

Let's hope for sunnier weather next May.