Monday, 9 November 2009

Reading this weekend


Reading is fast approaching and the number of pre-entries is looking impressive! Jon Boy the Demo fleet Manager has already booked out his maximum of 30 bikes for the weekend (the first time he's done this) and says that bookings for the Demo Exposure lights is also taking off.

All good stuff. Just a few points to draw to your attention:-

Toll Bridge.
If you come through Pangbourne, which I'm assuming most will, you use a Toll Bridge over the Thames. They have just put their prices up to 40p each way (it was 20p a few months back, the pub over the Thames from Pangbourne has a protest poster up calling it Highway robbery!!) So please be prepared. If you don't want to pay this it's a long journey up to Goring and back or into Reading and Caversham. So they've got us unfortunately.

I have a field next to the Village hall. This has been given to us for a nominal fee which sounds great until you have to put £500 of matting down to cope with the amount of cars expected!!! What I'm trying to say here is please be carefull when driving in the field, keep your speed down and try not to wheel spin! If you have a low sports car, I'd recomend driving past the field, turning around and coming in from the North as there is a bit of a lip to enter the field.

Private Drive
Between the Village Hall and the Carpark is a private drive. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you drive down this or park on it, even to drop someone off. This is a tender subject and although I have spoken to the owners, I really don't want to upset them as we have another event in May and I'd like to come back!!!