Monday, 9 November 2009

Reading Steps

Just another thing......

On the Mountain Bike route there is a set of steps that are quite dangerous. At the top of these is where the drinks station will be situated. This will be a walking section. It will be stated on the map that you must walk, I will put up signs to this effect and Tony will be told to enforce this. Looking from the top they look quite rideable but soon descend into bottom bracket scraping drops, set apart at just the right frequency to be bottom clenchingly scary. Over the years I have had one friend go over the handle bars into the barbed wire fence and put 19 stiches in his arm, one break his arm and another both her wrists. I'm really not kidding about walking!!!!

If you want a challenge, then try riding up the other side. It can be done but requires a clean run and lots of zig-zagging around the steps.