Thursday, 12 November 2009

South Chilterns/Reading Road Ride

We've been out today getting the road route ready for Sunday and luckily for us we missed the bad weather that arrived this afternoon.

The start venue is at the top of Whitchurch Hill so the routes avoid the big climb up from Pangbourne, which I guess is either good or bad depending on how much you like hills :-)

The route mainly sticks to small country lanes, they seem to be in fairly good condition although there are inevitably a few sections where the recent weather has brought leaves, mud and gravel onto the lanes so a bit of caution is needed in places.

I think we rated it as a 2 out of 4 for climbing on the main Evans site, no major challenges just a few ups and downs through rolling countryside.

Fingers crossed for the dry weather that the BBC are currently forecasting for Sunday.