Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chieveley in the Snow.

We did it, we went out for a ride from Chieveley on Saturday! Despite a few E-mails from customers saying they were coming, only 4 hardy souls ventured out into the Berkshire country side, Myself, "Fat" Jon, Debs and Annie.

It was -4degrees, sunny and clear, a perfect day for cycling in the snow. The ground conditions were pretty tough going, from deep ruts caused by cars, rough trails used by walkers to fresh powdered snow. I actually had a bead of sweat drip down my eyes! As we cycled it became obvious that the full 24 miles always going to be a bit optimistic, sure we could ride it all, but we were out for a fun ride and not a slog. That said, we did manage to put in a fairly respectable 16miles in about 4hours which might not seem quick but when you look at the pictures below you might see why it took so long!



mcadoodle said...

Some great pics there!

The Ride It! Team said...


I had to cull the selection down from about 80pics.

We are going to look at an album for the blog where we can upload pictures from the events. This would also allow customers to do the same with their photos.


keith said...

It looks like you were wearing tights Dean, what's that all about?

The Ride It! Team said...

I know Keith, but looking at Jon's pink prawn coloured calfs after the ride I think it was a good call!