Friday, 15 January 2010

Rochdale Route Distances

Confirmation of route distances for the Rochdale event

Off road
Short - 14miles
Medium - 24miles
Long - 31miles

Short - 24miles
Medium - 48miles
Long - 63miles (but 7000ft of climbing)


moolarb said...

how hilly is the long road route? have you got the profile or some details of the climbs? just wondering what bike/gears to use. cheers

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Moolarb

The long route basically stays level for the first 13miles or so. It then climbs what I'm told is the most consistent gaded climb in the Uk (7deg)to the drink station. There are a further two big climbs and descents back to the drink station. Here you reverse the first long climb :-) and back flat to the finish.

Total climbing of about 7000ft.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

For the Saturday route would the medium course be optimistic for somebody who has never done one of these rides before. I have a cannondale f5 disk if it makes any difference. How long should it take to do the course?

Thanks, dave

Mark said...

The route isn't technically challenging and your bike will be fine so it's really down to your fitness.

We're there all day so you can ride at your own pace plus there's always the option to cut to the short route part way round if you need to.

Give it a go and see how you get on :-)