Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A couple of new Ride It features!!

The cancellation of Scotland was a bit disappointing on two fronts. One, we didn't get to put the event on and secondly, we were going to try out our new timing system at a quieter venue before launching it at Watlington this weekend.

So we're going to jump right in and run an Electronic timing system for all riders on both days. Instead of the usual card you'll be issued with an orange tag and strap which will be attached to your ankle, or a tag and zip ties to attach to your forks. At the start there will be a couple of timing mats which when you ride over them, will start your time and at the end of the ride will give you a finish time. We'll be issuing more instructions on the blog and at the event, so any questions, approach a member of staff.

Memory Map Adventurer 2800 demo units.


The second addition to Ride It is a fleet of MM Adventurer 2800 demo units. These will be available from now on to use at the events for a nominal demo fee which will be refunded with an additional saving against a purchase at the event or in store.

As I only picked these units up tonight we haven't had a chance to put booking details on the web site yet, so to get the ball rolling, I have 4 units available for free this weekend for the first 4 people to e-mail me at dean.stacey@evanscycles.com. All I need is a credit card to keep as a deposit whilst you're on the ride. ( Saturday units all booked, one left for Sunday!)