Thursday, 4 March 2010

Watlington in the WARM!

What a pleasant surprise today was compared to the beginning of the year! And looking at the BBC weather forecast, this weekend is going to be bright and Sunny on both days as well. Hoobloodyrah!

I've just put out the short road route and it was an enjoyable few hours in the saddle. From Watlington the route starts on a slightly busy road for a mile or so and then heads into the countryside on quiet, well maintained roads. Actually the condition of the roads is pretty good with a few potholes, but in comparison to my local roads, they are a billiard table. ( I haven't spoken to Keith or Mark yet, but hopefully it was the same for them as well ) The elevation for the first 12miles is pretty flat which warms you up for the first challenge of the day, Britwell Hill.

You can see it coming from the distance.

But the climb is worth it.

That sets the trend for the day really, climbs and great descents. Two that stick out are the single track past the brewery and the last descent into Watlington. This is a wide road with plenty of vision and allows you to take it like a rocket sledge on rails. I forgot my helmet so was taking it easy and still managed to hit 41mph ( as recorded on my Memory Map Adventurer 2800 ( available for demo from the next event ( Nice plug there!))) The one issue I did have with vision was watering eyes and hopefully on Sunday you'll have to deal with spring bugs :-)

Anyway, GPX routes should be up later. In addition to these are MMO routes for the MMAD2800.

See you there.



Mat said...

Will be doing my 1st Sportive with you guys on Sunday. I currently cut through Watlington to work and come April when the clocks go back will be driving to there then biking the rest of the route to Reading as I live in Bicester, I have been driving through some of the back roads over the last month to suss out the routes and by the looks of your map will be going down through Rusell's water and Maindensgrove which looks like a great downhill bit which ive been down in the car. See you there and lets hope the weather stays like this alright!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the GPX files for Saturday's MTB route's?

Mark said...

GPX and MMO files are now available to download for both the road and mtb rides, links over on the right of the page