Friday, 5 March 2010

Watlington Off road

Sorry about lack of details, we're busy with the new timing system!!

GPX routes on the right.

Parking tomorrow - We have three parking areas, outside the school, in the primary school next door and the field around the back, please fill them up in that order (signs will be out as they are filled).

New timing system -

You'll be given a timing chip and ankle strap at registration. This fits around your ankle (funnily enough). At the start we'll want to see the number on the back so please be aware that I may be asking to see it. You'll ride over the mat and your time will be taken, when you come back ride over the mat again and your ride time will be calculated. Your timing chip will be taken from you there. THE CHIP IS NOT DISPOSABLE AND MUST BE RETURNED. I don't want to go down a deposit system but if we start loosing chips I'll have no other choice.



Kev G said...

Hello Team

I have booked to do the off road ride but would like to do the road ride instead. I e-mailed Evans Cycles on Wednesday but no one got back to me. Will I be able to transfer my registration to Sunday?

Many Thanks

Kevin Gleeson

Mark said...

Hi Kevin,
Sorry no one got back to you, it looks like we have your name down on the list of pre-entered riders for tomorrow's road ride so whoever you spoke to must have transferred it already.