Thursday, 22 April 2010

Milton Keynes Road ride

A lovely day in the saddle around the roads south of MK is in store for all of those Pre-entered into this weekends Sportive. We know this as today was a perfect cycling day, Sunny, not to hot and little wind, so with the weekend forecast for much of the same, it's a done deal!

There is only two real climbs on the route, Toms Hill near Aldbury and the final one at Lidlington. Other than these two the course is pretty much rolling with the occasional drag up :-)

I know I seem to keep going on about this but it really is important for us and the local residents. If you have not pre-entered, please do not show up. You won't be allowed onto the site. Please don't park in the local streets and cycle to the event as this will still be bringing cars to the area that it can't cope with. There is a small chance that I have secured some more parking, if this does come off I will announce this on the blog.

To prove you have pre-entered I will need to see your confirmation before you are allowed on site, PLEASE HAVE THIS READY TO SHOW AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE SITE. As promised, I'm on parking duty so you have been warned!!



Paul Dyett said...

i have lost my confirmation note - can I get it sent again?

The Ride It! Team said...

You should be able to log in via the site and view your order history.

Anonymous said...

what if you ride to the start event and are not driving?