Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Milton Keynes Update

We have now closed both days for on-the-day and pre-entry bookings.

This is due to the shortage of parking on site and the surrounding areas. Can I please request that if you have not entered you do not turn up on the day WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY ON THE DAY ENTRIES. There is very little on the road parking in the area and it is a sensitive issue with locals so please do not show up on the off chance as you will put next years event in jeopardy.


You will need a copy of your booking confirmation to get into the carpark, please have this ready to show the car parking marshal (Probably me, so you have been warned!) IF YOU DO NOT SHOW THIS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ONTO SITE.

Thanks for your understanding and let's look forward to a great event



B-Man's said...

Hi Dean
Will you accept riders for Saturday who arrive by train as Bow Brick Hill station is only 1km from the starting point? Actually we will cycle from home as we live 3km from the starting point.
It sounds from the blog that the issue is parking and not rider numbers.
Thanks Anton

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Anton.

I always shy away from saying yes to this as there is no way to tell who did ride in, and those that parked around the corner in residents places and cause bad feelings towards the event.

If you promise that you are riding in then OK.


The Ride It! Team said...
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B-Man's said...

Thanks Dean, this much appreciated.

Yes we will cycle in and can I use your name at the entry desk on Saturday?