Monday, 12 April 2010

Woking aftermath

Well that was some weekend. About 1025 riders turned up over the two days of Sunny Woking! We managed to get everyone parked (Sorry to the few we had to put in the slightly soggy area) Fed everyone with 500 burgers/hotdogs and loads of bowls of pasta and got every chip back!

I'm just off to unload the van and un-earth the timing computer with was buried in the packing process last night, and then I'll work on the results. The software designer redesigned the software before the event so we are having to relearn how to produce the results page (something we found out on Saturday night!) so I will hopefully get them up tonight.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone involved for such a well-organised, fun & friendly day! It was my first Ride It, and will def be coming again.

The Ride It! Team said...

Cheers, will be nice to see you again!


Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say how good the signage was - I didn't feel lost once, and that's unusual! :)

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Jennifer.

Thanks very much. I know there were a few people who missed split signs but on the whole I think everyone got around ok.


Kevin said...

Thanks guys, a great day on Saturday if a little boggy at times! This was my 7th Evans MTB event and as always well signed and organised. Liked the ankle bracelets, looked like 450 ASBO's out on a ride. Cheers, Kevin