Monday, 12 April 2010

Woking Preliminary Results

You can download preliminary results below, we wanted to get some results up today so all those that are keen to see their times can have a look.

We know some changes are needed especially where riders have switched distances, for example, at the moment you'll see some unrealistically fast times where riders completed shorter routes than planned. A final edited version will appear later in the week.

Preliminary MTB Results

Preliminary Road Sportive Results


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the results - I can confirm that I did indeed do the Medium route, and not the Long route.

As usual with Ride-It, a great day out - thanks for the great organisation and friendly atmosphere.


Bib #56

Andy said...

How do you know when somebody switched distance? :-)

The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Andy.

These are preliminary results.

I am working on the correct times now. When riders return they should be asked if they changed route and it is noted. If not then an unusually high averege generally points to a shorter distance.


The Ride It! Team said...

Hi Darren

I will move you now! Hopefully the new times will be up Tuesday afternoon.

Our ongoing dicussions with the software designers are nearly at an end. They did an update before the weekend that we hadn't had a chance to use. When we came to run the results on Saturday night we found that they had taken the excel option off the reporting menu which meant that the only way to view the results was as a PDF. Getting the info into excel from a PDF is, at best, a pain. Anyway, finally between myself and Mark with a lot on checking and unchecking boxes, we have managed to get the info we need into excel and therefore can produce (nearly) the results we want!