Friday, 6 August 2010

Cotswolds MTB and other things

The boys are just finishing off the course for tomorrow so as soon as I get the confirmation the route is ok then the GPX routes will go up.

They haven't mentioned lots of mud so I'm assuming the trails are bone dry with just a fine layer of what the weather girl called today "Damp"

Car Parking
We have the Field behind the event centre as an over flow, This is also home to a football pitch, Cricket pitch and a children's park. Please stay off these ( they will be roped off) and try not to wheels spin!

With up to 5 times the amount of riders of previous years expected, we may be a bit short of loos. So my advice is, if it's 50/50 before you leave home, best go before you get in the car!



malc smith said...

Thanks for the weekends events!

did both - so was a good challenge!

wouldn't call this 'bone dry' though! >>>

The Ride It! Team said...

Yeah, sometimes British weather comes back and bites you in the bum!