Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cotswolds Sportive

We've spent the day putting out Sundays course in the Cotswolds. The route heads out from Kingswood and straight for the River Severn before looping back virtually to the start and the completion of the Short route. This loop is fairly flat with a small hill towards the end, where the medium and Long routes split off and tackle the biggest climb of the day, 400ft in 1.2miles. Both these routes then work their way through the countryside, slowly climbing over the next 20/50 miles to the highest point of the day, 810ft. From here it's all down hill into Wotton and then back to Kingswood.

The roads are generally in good condition, although we do use country lanes and some of these are a bit uneven or gravelly for short sections. Just keep an eye on the road.


We are a bit overwhelmed with the response to this event! We did the same event 2 years ago and had 120 riders for both days, this weekend the pre-entries are at 420, so we're looking at 600 riders+ Sundays ride is at 300 so far and therefore expected turn out is 400+ I'm in the process of organising extra parking which will hopefully be on the field behind the centre, if not I have a back up field around the corner, check back here tomorrow for an update.

GPX routes will be available tomorrow afternoon/early evening.