Thursday, 14 May 2009

Train info for this weekend

For those of you coming by train this weekend we've produced a photographic picture trail of how to escape Gatwick station.

Have fun!



Drew said...

Hi Guys,

Fantastic event - thanks for everything.

Just one comment about trains on the day, which may help in future.

Jumped on at Clapham with approx 15 other cyclists on the 05.53 train, only to be forced off at East Croyden as an over zealous guard on duty was complaining that all the cyclists were obstructing a potential fire evacuation route in the carriages.

Train was held at East Croyden until we got off. We were told the police had been called - and that we must wait on the platform for the 06.30 train which had a larger luggage area.

Succesfully caught the next train and got to the event on time.

Could the train services be asked in future to put on more luggage carriages?